Sept 27, 2016

From Huron Shores United Church

"With so many who have pitched in with several jobs in preparation for our addition: cleaning and moving to our temporary office, garden relocation, dismantling the kitchen, setting up our temporary worship space at the Legion and others. And now we have been blessed by a business not even connected to our congregation.  Brodie Tree Service and Sales of Brucefield moved our two young maple trees from the south end of Helen's garden to the north end to make room for the new addition. And they charged us much less than the initial quote -- $300 less. So a big thank you to them."




October 7, 2016...

hi there,
just wanted to say you did an amazing job putting in the linden! it looks like it's always been there and we're thrilled with it..thanks and
we'll make sure we water our "new" family member this weekend...
p & d